29 before Harold Henderson, who has been designated

How long should we wait for the organization to do the right thing? It took the franchise 87 years to get rid of its racist name. Snyder had spent large portions of his 21 years in charge puffing out his chest and claiming his right to be insensitive. On Monday, he finally changed his mind, and it seemed that pressure from corporate sponsors and local leaders forced his hand.

The difference in how time was offered to the public was perhaps best seen in two of the most memorable moments of the conventions: the short speech given by a young man who was inspired by Biden to work on overcoming his stutter, and the curious shouting into an empty room by former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle. Brayden Harrington’s two minute speech unfolded as gripping drama, a study in courage, in which the audience followed every moment, rooting for him. Guilfoyle’s speech felt a bit like a modernist drama from the last century, an absurdist romp, both mesmerizing and endless.

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